Go Green. Launch of New Packing.

As a manufacturer of fire safety products, our main objective is to reduce and eliminate harmful toxic substances from our products and packaging. This is consistent with our Environmental Policy for ISO14001:2004 at our manufacturing plant.

In 2016, we proudly announced the decision to eliminate the use of PVC ampoules on FR911 FLAMEOUT for international markets effectively from 30 May 2016.

Launch of PVC-Free and Halogen-Free Ampoule

BONEX R&D Department has been trying tirelessly to develop more eco-friendly packaging for our range of products, especially for the throwable fire extinguishers since the establishment of our R&D Department in Malaysia in 2008.

After more than 5-years of improvements, repeated tests and retention for quality assurance on a product with a shelf life of 5 years, it is now the right time to officially launch the PVC-free and halogen-free bottles of FR911 FLAMEOUT which cater particularly for international markets.  The design of BONEX PVC-free and halogen-free throwable fire extinguisher has been registered in more than 80 countries around the world.

At BONEX, we are always listening to you! We put safety as our top priority! We hear your needs and governmental requirements in eliminating PVC and other packaging materials for our products that certainly helps to keep our land, air and water free from pollutants.

FR911 FLAMEOUT PVC-Free & Halogen-free Bottle

Go Green - FR911 FLAMEOUT PVC-Free Ampoule

Go Green – FR911 FLAMEOUT PVC-Free & Halogen-free Bottle

BONEX Then & Now

Bonex Extinguisher Bottle Design History_2002_BONEX119

2002 – BONEX119


Bonex Extinguisher Bottle Design History_2004_SAT119

2004 – SAT119


Bonex Extinguisher Bottle Design History_2010_SAT119 eco

2010 – SAT119 eco


Bonex Extinguisher Bottle Design History_2011_FR911 FLAMEOUT

2011 – FR911 FLAMEOUT


Bonex Extinguisher Bottle Design History_2016_FR911 FLAMEOUT PVC Free

2016 – FR911 FLAMEOUT PVC-free

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