Press Releases

Go Green. Launch of New Packing.

As a manufacturer of fire safety products, our main objective is to reduce and eliminate harmful toxic substances from our products and packaging. This is consistent with our Environmental Policy for ISO14001:2004 at our manufacturing plant. During the last quarter of 2015, we proudly announced the decision to reduce the use of PVC ampoules on […]

Misuse of FR911 Flameout Obsolete Logo!

Important Notice: BONEX new logo for FR911 FLAMEOUT was officially launched and used since August 2012, the old logo of FLAMEOUT is no longer in use for any throw-type fire extinguishers which are produced after August 2012. The final batch of FLAMEOUT (obsolete logo) manufactured carried an Expiry date of 04.2018 (April 2018). FLAMEOUT is […]

Important Notice – Beware of Imitation!

Important Notice: Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it should be a great concern as counterfeits are substandard in quality and could lead to more harm. We received complaints that some companies in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey are selling imitation products. A Genuine FR911 FLAMEOUT sold always come with a […]

The Screw-cap Ampoule

The R&D Department in Malaysia has been trying tirelessly to develop more eco-friendly packaging for our range of products, especially for the throwable fire extinguishers since the establishment of our R&D Department in Malaysia in 2008.

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