COE – 64 per carton

COE (Cooking Oil Extinguisher)

A safety product that is easy to handle during an emergency. Its simple structure has been miniaturized and it is of a reasonable price. Its special compounded extinguishing chemicals make it possible to put out the first stage of Class F or K (Cooking Oil/Fats) Fires instantly with ONLY one box of COE (less than 1.5litre cooking oil).

Save money on fire extinguisher servicing by storing service-free fire extinguisher.

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BONEX COE - Cooking Oil Fire Extinguisher

The number of fires caused by cooking oil is increasing in recent years, and housewives tend to pour water at cooking oil when fire occurs. Fire will not be extinguished but surge and turn to a disaster instead. Such failure has caused to serious damages not only to property but life.

COE (Cooking Oil Extinguisher) is specially designed to control cooking oil fires. With simply a drop of the whole box into burning pan, the special liquid in the box will create chemical reaction and thus put out fire. Oil temperature will be reduced to achieve rapid extinction of fire.

A Green Product

Manufactured in Malaysia under the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, Fryer COE is certified to meet the Green Labeling Scheme as a Green Product that is safe to be used as an environmentally friendly cooking oil extinguisher.

The Cause of Cooking Oil Fire

Cooking Oil Fire Safety
In most cases, when cooking oil is heated in a pan for more than 10 minutes, it will start to ignite. And within 5 minutes, the flames can reach up to the ceiling and spread to the wall. Once the cooking oil temperature reaches 370ºC, it will ignite spontaneously. The size of fire would be multiplied if we do not put it out instantly.

DO NOT pour water at cooking oil fire !

Cooking Oil Fire Safety
Extinguishing cooking oil fire is not as easy as controlling an ordinary fire. Never pour water at cooking oil fire! Fire would surge in a sudden and using water to put out an oil fire will only spread the fire.

The Correct Ways of Putting Out Cooking Oil Fire …

Cooking Oil Fire Safety
Cooking Oil Fire Safety
Cooking Oil Fire Safety

COE (Cooking Oil Extinguisher) – How To Use (For Cooking Oil/fats Only …)

BONEX COE - Cooking Oil Fire Safety

One box of COE is able to put out a 1.5litre cooking oil fire. Drop another sachet if the oil is more than 1.5litre.
This packaging is not suitable for industrial deep fryer or cooking oil depth 6cm and above. For larger volume of cooking oil fire extinguisher, please choose Fryer COE.

No installation needed.
Hang it in your kitchen.

Kitchen, hawker stalls, galleys of aircrafts, ships, trains and yachts.

Product Name: COE Cooking Oil Extinguisher
Main Ingredient: Potassium Carbonate
Corresponding Fire: Class F or K (Cooking Oil/Fats) Fires
Extinguishing Capacity: Less than 1.5L Cooking Oil
Lifespan: Printed on Package


Additional information

Product Name

COE Cooking Oil Extinguisher

Main Ingredient

Potassium Carbonate

Corresponding Fire

Class F or K (Cooking Oil/Fats) Fires



Total Weight


Extinguishing Capacity

Less than 1.5L Cooking Oil

Expiry Date

Printed on Packaging


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