FR911 FLAMEOUT (590g)

• Small and lightweight (590g)
• Easy to Use, Just Throw (No Training Required)
• Cost-saving (5 Years Lifespan, Maintenance-free)
• Eco-friendly & Non-toxic (PVC-free, Halogen-free, Phthalate-free)
• Proven, Certified (RoHS Compliant, REACH Compliant, Green Label Certified, etc)

FR911 FLAMEOUT is designed to quell Class A (Combustibles) and B (Flammable liquids) type fires.

Ideal solution for rapid rescue and police teams in emergency situations like riots and civil unrest.

Save money on fire extinguisher servicing by storing service-free fire extinguisher.

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Product Description

FR911 FLAMEOUT is a revolution of the technologies that led to the success of its predecessor, the SAT119 and SAT119 eco. FR911 FLAMEOUT is designed to quell Class A (Combustibles) and B (Flammable liquids) type initial fires quickly, safely and effectively, all the while maintaining its extreme ease of use.

The result of many years of heavy research and development, FR911 FLAMEOUT carries advance features with wider applications; from households, schools and commercial buildings to fire fighters for path clearance and riot police as an emergency response tool for burning cars or barricades.

5 years lifespan Small and lightweight Easy to use Eco friendly Maintenance free rapid rescue

How does FR911 FLAMEOUT work?

The FR911 FLAMEOUT extinguishing agent is released into the atmosphere when the ampoule is thrown into the fire. The heat from the fire will evaporate the extinguishing agent and the chemical reaction takes place. It releases certain amount of carbon dioxide that will suffocate the fire, thus extinguishing it. The chemical reaction also releases a cooling agent that cools down the temperature of the burning material and prevent the fire from smouldering and reigniting. The chemical reaction lasts only a few seconds and is effective for putting out initial fires. 

Internationally Recognized

With the patented technology and designs owned in more than 80 countries, and with continuous improvements from SAT119 and SAT119 eco over the years, FR911 FLAMEOUT is recognized not only by local authorities but also tested and approved internationally by reputable testing and certification body such as Intertek, TUV SUD and Germanisher Lloyd to comply with international requirements. 

Eco-friendly, Non-toxic & Non-hazardous

environmental friendly


Singapore Green Label Compliance

Environmentally Preferred Fire Extinguisher

REACH Compliant

RoHS2 Compliance

The extinguishing agent of FR911 FLAMEOUT is made of safe and approved food additives, commercial ferilizers and surface-active agents that are harmless to the environment.

The product is tested to comply with REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EC and the extinguishing agent is classified as non-hazardous according to 1999/45/EC.

Working in line with the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Policy at our manufacturing plant in Malaysia, BONEX is eliminating the use of PVC bottles for international markets. The PVC-free bottles are compliant to ROHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU and (EU)2015/86.


FR911 FLAMEOUT is designed not only for residential houses, it is also ideal to be installed at schools, offices, hospitals, museums, government offices, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, factories, public transportation hubs, vessels, vehicles and tunnels. It is also an ideal first responder to riot fires.


BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT (590g) – Open Fire

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT (590g) – Class B Fire

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT (Diluted With Water) – Open Fire

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT – Fire Retardant Test (Cloth)

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT (590g) – Pressure Test

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT (590g) – Drop Test

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BONEX TV Commercial – Car Fire

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT- Professional Use

BONEX FR911 FLAMEOUT – Professional Use

How to Use FR911 FLAMEOUT Fire Extinguisher

There are THREE ways to extinguish fire by using FR911 FLAMEOUT

Method 1: Throw Directly

Simply throw the FR911 FLAMEOUT ampoule towards fires spots so that it shatters upon impact and the solution is dispersed over the burning area. This method is effective for initial fire.

How to Use FR911 FLAMEOUT Fire Extinguisher - Method 1

Method 2: Dilute with Water

Splash the diluted FR911 FLAMEOUT at the base of fire. It is very effective to prevent outbreak or spread of fire particularly to adjoining unit or on wide area. Do not store the diluted extinguishing agent, the diluted agent cannot be preserved for long hours. In order to dilute the FR911 FLAMEOUT, break the bottle in a bucket with 8-10 litres of water to be effective.

How to Use FR911 FLAMEOUT Fire Extinguisher - Method 2

Method 3: Use with Water Mist Gun in Professional Fire Fighting

This method is specially efficient for uncontrolled fire.

FR911 Flameout for Professional Use

Step 1 – Fill 9L mist gun with water

Step 2 – Mix1 bottle of FR911 FLAMEOUT into a 9L backpack water mist gun/ impulse gun (1 bottle: 8-10L water)

Step 3 – Spray at fire

Safety Caution

1. FR911 FLAMEOUT is meant for initial fires. If fire rages, use more ampoules on it or dilute with water for extended extinguishing capacity.
2. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
3. Keep out of reach of infants and small children.
4. Not for human consume.
5. In the event that the liquid comes into contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately with water. Consult a doctor if any irritation or adverse reaction occurs.

Additional Information

Product Name




Main Ingredient

Ammonium Phosphate

Ampoule Weight

590 gram

Expiry Date

Printed on Ampoule

Corresponding Fire

Class A (Combustibles) Fires, Class B (Flammable liquids) Fires


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