From its humble roots as a small company in Japan, BONEX has grown to be the leading and most reputable global brand of the innovative throw-type Fire Extinguishers. Today, when people talk about throw-type fire extinguishers, they will no doubt associate it with BONEX. Starting from zero, BONEX has now become a reputable and robust brand in the international market. BONEX (S) PTE. LTD. and BONEX (M) SDN. BHD. are both proud to be part of their astounding success.

In the early 2000s, BONEX INC., our manufacturing entity in Japan was facing difficult challenges in their pursuit to introduce the brand locally and internationally. Among the challenges were that of language barriers that hindered the progress of sales and marketing efforts into international markets. Moreover, BONEX had problems obtaining recognitions and certifications for its throw-type fire extinguisher.

However, things took a turn when one of our BONEX’s pioneers, Dr. Zenith returned to her home country, Malaysia, where she reorganized the brand and pursued certification acquisition according to international requirements, albeit the difference of approach taken from the domestically in Japan. The team has set up the R&D department in Malaysia with the objective of furthering innovations and improvements on the throw-type Fire Extinguishers. One of the results of these innovations is the FR911 FLAMEOUT.

To respect the hard work and dedication of the R&D and international team in Malaysia, this product is not sold in Japan, but rather in international markets. The trademark for FR911 FLAMEOUT are owned exclusively by BONEX (S) PTE. LTD. and BONEX (M) SDN. BHD.

At BONEX, it is our privilege to continuously offer you our excellent range of products. We go to great length to honour our commitment in striving to work differently in order to meet your demands and requirements.

Today, BONEX continues to move ahead and is an aggressive mode in its expansion plan; all these with our commitment to offer you, our customers worldwide, SAFER, INNOVATIVE & ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY innovations.

BONEX – Your ultimate partner for throw-type Fire Extinguishers and Firefighting Solutions!

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