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BONEX’s Brand Protection Efforts

BONEX is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are purchasing and using genuine BONEX supplies. As the No. 1 brand for throw-type fire extinguishers, BONEX cannot avoid from counterfeits especially SAT119 Eco and FLAMEOUT (our obsolete FR911 FLAMEOUT logo).

At BONEX, our throwable fire extinguisher SAT119 Eco is now only sold in Japan, and FR911 FLAMEOUT for international markets. BONEX is no longer produce FR911 FLAMEOUT using the obsolete FLAMEOUT logo. If you have purchased SAT119 Eco other than Japan and FLAMEOUT (old FR911 FLAMEOUT logo) from now on, you are buying a FAKE product.

We also received enquiries to verify the genuine FR911 FLAMEOUT in following Middle Eastern Countries, Africa and Turkey. If you are suspicious that you might have purchased a fake FR911 FLAMEOUT, here is the list of GENUINE FR911 FLAMEOUT products currently being sold in these countries:

Expiry Date: 09.2019

Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaKingdom of Saudi Arabia
Expiry Date: 07.2019

Expiry Date: 12.2018
Expiry Date: 06.2020

Expiry Date: 12.2018

Expiry Date: 04.2019

United Arab EmiratesUAE
Expiry Date: 04.2019

Expiry Date: 04.2019

Expiry Date: 04.2019

Expiry Date: 04.2018
Expiry Date: 11.2020

Expiry Date: 04.2019

Expiry Date: 12.2019

How to check your expiry date?

Check the Throw-type Fire Extinguisher Expiry Date.

Checking the Expiry Date.

Identify Genuine BONEX Extinguishers

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BONEX GROUP also owns major Intellectual Property (IP) rights worldwide. Any unauthorized sales and purchase of BONEX products is also an infringement of IP rights. For IP-related matters, please go to – Intellectual Property.

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